High Court Enforcement

Dorman & Co are able to offer High Court Enforcement Services in partnership and directed by the UK’s largest team of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, High Court Enforcement Group (HCE Group).

If you need an eviction to regain possession of your land or property we’re here to help. We work closely with HCE Group who specialise in the safe removal of squatters/trespassers from illegally occupied land or buildings throughout England and Wales.

Working with HCE Group and their national coverage allows Dorman & Co to access and deploy substantial resources and fully trained specialists to attend to your specific requirements and disputes. With a proven track record in ensuring the safe, successful and ethical removal of illegal occupiers – even in the most challenging of circumstances.

What you need to do

If you have obtained an Order for Possession in the High Court, you can simply send it to us and we will take immediate steps to enforce it for you.

If you have obtained an Order for Possession through the County Court against trespassers HCE Group can transfer the action into the High Court using their free transfer-up process at this stage you will just have the court fee for the Writ of Possession.

What happens next

Once HCE Group have the writ of possession back from court one of our team will contact you and assign a specialist Enforcement Agent who will oversee the process, be your point of contact and advise you of an enforcement date. We will then undertake:-

  • Prompt assessment for risk and operational needs
  • Operational plan created and agreed
  • Operational plan implemented then enforced
  • Land or property handed back to you, the land owner

We will attend the premises on the agreed date and complete the eviction by removal of the occupiers and secure the site. The key factor in our success is speed. We act swiftly on instructions and will quickly take control and ensure repossession of your property.

We’re here to help you and your personal Enforcement Agent will keep you updated on progress every step of the way.

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